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                                        Messages of Christian truth in a confused world ...
Here you will hear Christian audio mp3 downloads and audio streaming messages with a difference. We're starting small, but please keep coming back - new audio messages will be added on a continual basis. We believe that God is moving powerfully in hearts and minds in our generation but we need to hear His true voice among all of the distractions around us. Our aim is to provide an oasis of spiritual nourishment. Christian sermons, drama, opinion and plenty more in Christian mp3s
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God and Sex- Louie Werth A teenager's view
If the Lord had not been on our side - Stephen Gutmann Commentary on Psalm 124
Wilderness - Stephen Gutmann The Feast of Tabernacles. What the wilderness experience speaks of.
God wants to speak to his children - Mervyn Tilley John 8:28. Recognising God's voice
Patterns of intimacy with the Lord - Richard Teidemann How to get a closer relationship with the Lord
Psalm 139 - part 1 - Chris Hill The majesty and power of God
Psalm 139 - part 2 - Chris Hill The majesty and power of God
Jesus let me stand by your side - Chris Hill The responsibilities and seriousness of following Jesus
Wanting to be changed - Chris Hill Looking at the new life as a Christian and how it is possible
Wake up Church! Part 1- Chris Hill A prophetic call to the UK Church to get its act together
Wake up Church! Part 2 - Chris Hill A prophetic call to the UK Church to get its act together
Paths through the Wilderness - Stuart Cohen When God seems silent
Spiritual Growth (tithing) - Mark Weeden How tithing can help our spiritual growth. Nehemiah 13:10-14
Corrie Ten Boom Testimony Powerful testimony of this Dutch lady and her ministry during the Second World War. Her life story became a feature film, "The Hiding Place"
Keith Green "Devotions" or Devotion The late great singer and songwriter shares insights from Charles Finney. It's not necessarily the things we do that please God, but the reasons why we do them.
Francis Schaefer What is truth? Different ways of seeing truth.
Basilea Schlink Repentance German founder of ministry of reconciliation since the times of Nazi Germany
A. W. Tozer Resisting the World's Propaganda Slightly dated message but still relevant today.
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