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                                        Messages of Christian truth in a confused world ...
Here you will hear Christian audio mp3 downloads and audio streaming messages with a difference. We're starting small, but please keep coming back - new audio messages will be added on a continual basis. We believe that God is moving powerfully in hearts and minds in our generation but we need to hear His true voice among all of the distractions around us. Our aim is to provide an oasis of spiritual nourishment. Christian sermons, drama, opinion and plenty more in Christian mp3s

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In the image of God - John Mackay The creation of man - good talk for kids
Genesis is Basic to Christianity - John Mackay The story of Creation and its importance to the faith
Jesus and Creation - John Mackay Focussing on the creator and not the creation
The Question- GodsPOD drama God's creation and how we should view it in the light of scripture.
The Truth is out there! - prologue Looking at the eclipse of the sun and wondering deeply about it ...
The Truth is out there! - Starry, starry night! The possibility of there being an Intelligent Designer at work behind the scenes.
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