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Here you will hear Christian audio mp3 downloads and audio streaming messages with a difference. We're starting small, but please keep coming back - new audio messages will be added on a continual basis. We believe that God is moving powerfully in hearts and minds in our generation but we need to hear His true voice among all of the distractions around us. Our aim is to provide an oasis of spiritual nourishment. Christian sermons, drama, opinion and plenty more in Christian mp3s
FEATURED MESSAGE : The Truth is Out There: The Ultimate World conspiracy - Is God speaking today or has he gone away?


Look at the success of 'The Da Vinci code' in this decade, 'The Chariots of the Gods' in the 1960s, or 'The Late Great Planet Earth' in the 1970s. We love intrigues and mysteries, especially when there is a blurring between truth and fiction. If a major event occurs that contains just the slightest whiff of uncertainty or controversy, then watch as the conspiracy industry buds some new shoots. Some, such as the Kennedy assassination, 9-11 and the death of Princess Diana, have become mighty oaks. Others, long forgotten, have just withered and died, denied the oxygen of media attention.

Conspiracies are big news. The media industry loves them because we love them, though there's a touch of 'the chicken or egg' here - would we be bothered to see the death of Princess Diana as anything other than an accident statistic if it weren't for Al Fayed's insistence of a cover up and the gallons of newsprint spilled out in commentary and speculation? On the other hand there is something gloriously perverse in believing negative stories of the British Royal family. It is both empowering and intriguing and lifts us out of our mundane lives into the twilight world of spies and assassins. Does it matter if there's every possibility that there's not a scrap of truth in it? Why spoil a thumping good read!

Some conspiracy theories go deeper. Rather than being sparked off by a single event, they speak of shadowy organisations that have been pulling the strings of history from the year dot. These speculations have been with us ever since the birth of the 'gossip column' (about 2 days after the invention of the printing press) and have created an industry of cosmic tittle-tattle, with a legion of websites, millionaire authors and a worldwide network feeding the hungry masses.

If there is one central theme that occurs again and again it is this, who really controls the world? Many have been suggested as prime candidates. There are the secret societies of the Freemasons, the Rosicruceans, the Bildebergs, the Illuminati, the New World Order. There are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. There are even the veiled lizards of David Icke, ex-BBC snooker commentator and now full-time 'messiah'. There are the Jews and the Catholics, favourite scapegoats for those who are neither. Welcome on board the Paranoia Express, standing room only!

Are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater if we dismiss them all as the fruits of overactive or disturbed minds? Can there be elements of truth in some of these theories, with the secret being how to find the right mix? After all, there are the usual suspects, such as the Royal Family, The Bush family and Henry Kissinger who crop up in a number of them. Is it just a case of finding a key that fits all of the locks? Or is there a deeper conspiracy, concerned not with the machinations of individuals with agendas, but with unseen powers and forces lurking just out of view.

Just as the scientists work towards finding 'The Theory of Everything' that would explain the currently unexplainable, conspiracy theorists must surely, deep down, hanker for the real truth at the heart of our complicated world. Is history just a random sequence of events, or are there secret manipulations? What makes us tick? How did the World as we see it come to be? Is it fair to expect answers, or is it folly not to be asking the questions in the first place?

In this short book we will be delving below the surface of our existence on this planet, glimpsing at the possibilities beyond the daily routines of just getting on with life. Of course you may be quite happy with your lot, but there's surely no harm having your brain cells tickled and your soul (or whatever it is that is you) challenged. By doing so we will be discovering that perhaps there is something going on out there, perhaps even a conspiracy of sorts.

Our conspiracy has tentacles in all spheres of human life, so where it leads we will follow. We will be taken into areas of science, history, human behaviour, popular culture and religion. It's a small book, so we will do little more than dip into each, just enough to tickle the palate. If a thirst has been awakened then recommendations are made for further reading, where you will be placed in the hands of experts, who will take you further.

Of course, the very word conspiracy implies dastardly deeds, selfish ambitions and world domination, so we must tread carefully. Just be true to yourself and be prepared to evaluate not just all that you read here, but also all that you have read before.

"Truth is more of a stranger than fiction" Mark Twain.

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