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                                        Messages of Christian truth in a confused world ...
Here you will hear Christian audio mp3 downloads and audio streaming messages with a difference. We're starting small, but please keep coming back - new audio messages will be added on a continual basis. We believe that God is moving powerfully in hearts and minds in our generation but we need to hear His true voice among all of the distractions around us. Our aim is to provide an oasis of spiritual nourishment. Christian sermons, drama, opinion and plenty more in Christian mp3s
Voices that have changed hearts ...
Here you will find a growing library of messages from prominent speakers from all over the world.
Name of speaker (Listen to the audio stream right now, using Windows Media Player or similar) (Download the MP3 audio to your PC to listen to later through an iPod etc) Title Comments
Corrie Ten Boom Testimony Powerful testimony of this Dutch lady and her ministry during the Second World War. Her life story became a feature film, "The Hiding Place"
Richard Wurmbrand The Beauty of Nothing Pastor Wurmbrand shares his experiences in jail for 14 years by the communists. He shares a specific facet of his testimony which was the nothingness they were faced with in jail. But the Lord Jesus Christ revealed himself to the prisoners and allowed them to experience him and even take communion.
Duncan Campbell Revival on the Isle of Lewis A first-hand account of an authentic Revival during the early 1950s. Campbell recounts this three-year movement of the Holy Spirit over the Hebrides Islands. Thousands were converted, conviction overwhelmed villages, outward sin disappeared, and prayer meetings were packed!
Nicky Cruz Testimony of a New York teenage gang member This is the story that was featured in the book, "The Cross and the Switchblade" and features the amazing ministry of David Wilkerson
Billy Graham Things God cannot do An early recording of this great preacher.
Keith Green "Devotions" or Devotion The late great singer and songwriter shares insights from Charles Finney. It's not necessarily the things we do that please God, but the reasons why we do them.
C S Lewis Intro to "The Four Loves" Just a few words, for those curious to hear the great man speak!
Ian Paisley Hell The high profile Irish politician in fierce mode! Speaking from Ezekiel 33:5
Derek Prince Your Prayer can change the World Part One of a key message from the late Bible teacher. Speaking on intercession and outreach.
Leonard Ravenhill A Burning Heart Sharing his heart for revival and on the lukewarm condition of the church. From Isaiah 64.
Francis Schaefer What is truth? Different ways of seeing truth.
Basilea Schlink Repentance German founder of ministry of reconciliation since the times of Nazi Germany
A. W. Tozer Resisting the World's Propaganda Slightly dated message but still relevant today.
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